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"Just picked up Joe's most recent album Lowlands - and immediately fell in love with it. Timeless guitar that transports you. Emotional, beautiful, considered, looking forward to many more listens"
- Mark Russell, Wellington


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"Lovely work by a skilled, dedicated and authentic musician. Joe's mining and interpretation of folk music history is essential in keeping this form alive and growing as a pillar of contemporary culture. Joe's generosity in sharing his knowledge and creative output is incredible - listen and share!"
- John Davey

"Joe is a fantastic guitarist and teacher of many different styles, and comes highly recommended. His album of solo guitar arrangements of Appalachian and British folk pieces is amazing."
- Jack Hooker

"A very special collection of pieces and performances. This is a (typically understated) knockout. I just love it. It has a unique quality about it. There's a depth of understanding and maturity about the simplicity (the single hardest thing to ever achieve) - like you got to the heart of things."
- John Psathas
"Joe's album 'Lowlands' is my first encounter with Joe as a solo performer having previously previously enjoyed his guitar work with Little Bushman. I love the stripped down approach Joe has taken on this album - in the absence of extraneous noise/other instruments you can really hear the physical interaction between guitar and player behind every note that's played. Even though some of the songs on the album clock in under 3 minutes, at the conclusion of each you're left with the feeling of having been taken on a musical journey. Twists and turns abound, folk and blues influences are explored and the intimacy of the recording make it seem that you're not just party to Joe's musical explorations but actually part OF them. Truly wonderful stuff."
- Dave Millar

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